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Solar Energy

Haldenwanger produces a wide range of products used in photovoltaic solar industry. Our various engineering materials have good thermal stability and inert performance to meet the growing demands of our customers.


Our fused silica rollers are used in the heat treatment of silicon and glass substrates. The inertness, high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance of the roller make it a longer service life in the high temperature environment.


The high purity corundum tube made of material Alsint 99.7 is used as a thermocouple protection tube in polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace. Because of its high density and high temperature corrosion resistance, it ensures a longer life, dramatically reduces the replacement frequency and saves cost.


The CaO stabilized ZrO2 protective tube is also used in the polysilicon ingot furnace. The working temperature is 2000°C and is used outside the Alsint protection tube for longer service life.


Our fused silica crucible is typically used in polysilicon ingot furnace and melting furnace.

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