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Laboratory porcelain is the dinosaur among our products. For over 150 years we have been producing and optimising our laboratory porcelain. Our quality and the extensive range have made us known the world over. In its properties, our laboratory porcelain complies with DIN VDE 0335, type C 100. For higher demands, we offer pots, boards, boxes, boats etc made of Alsint 99.7 dense, or Alsint porous.


Haldenwanger has been a producer of laboratory porcelain for 150 years.
Despite such a long history record, we have taken care to maintain the original size and shape of our products. New challenges of the ever growing market have led us to new development. The best refractoriness and resistance against physical and chemical attack has always been of utmost relevance to us.



Highest Standards
Our laboratory porcelain complies with DIN EN 60672-3, Group C100, Type C110; laboratory articles made of Alsint99.7 comply Our laboratory porcelain complies with DIN EN 60672, Group C700, Type C799. Stringent product controls, from raw materials to the finished product, ensure the consistently high quality of our products.

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