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Thermocouple Tube


Haldenwanger Germany produces high purity corundum productsAlsint 99.7 (Al2O3 99.7%), which are used in working condition of hightemperature and severe environment.


Our tubes can be used in monocrystalline silicon furnace, DSS furnace, CPI,semiconductor, corona machine, steel, and as benchmark material inthermal treatment process and scientific analytical equipment.


And exhibit excellent features including high refractory temperature up to 1800°C, high mechanical strength and gas tight capability.



Why Haldenwanger ceramic tubes fortemperature measurement?
1. Dimensional accuracy through extrusion - trumps cast tubes.
2. Excellent high temperature properties - increases thermocoupleservice life.
3. The right raw materials and processes - avoiding the vaporisation /embrittlement of noble metal wire.
4. Fast lead times and custom manufacturing - Saving you money whenit comes to storage and flexibility.


With more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of ceramictubes, Haldenwanger produces protecting tubes and insulating profilesfrom standardised materials such as Type C 799 / Alsint 99.7, Type C 610 /Pythagoras and Type C 530 / Sillimantin 60 using extrusion in accordancewith DIN 60672-1.

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