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Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Tube


The increased requirements in the field of temperaturemeasurement at elevated temperatures under extremeconditions have led to the development of protectivesheaths made of high-purity SiC materials. They are theporous materials HALSIC-R and HALSIC-RX and theimpermeable materials HALSIC-I and HALSIC-S. Dueto their excellent properties, thermocouple protectivesheaths in these qualities allow a long service life evenfor demanding applications.


Common Material Properties
•  excellent resistance against erosion and corrosion
•  high mechanical strength
•  extreme high thermal resistance
HALSIC-I: 1350°C
HALSIC-R: (oxidizing atmosphere) 1600°C
HALSIC-R: (protective atmosphere) > 2000°C
HALSIC-RX: (oxidizing atmosphere) 1650°C
HALSIC-S: 1600°C
•  excellent thermal conductivity
•  outstanding thermal shock resistance
•  excellent oxidation resistance
•  outstanding resistance against acids
•  good resistance against alkalis


Application Examples
Thermocouple protective sheaths for temperature measurement under extensive dust pollution,corrosive surroundings and high temperatures:
•  boilers and furnaces of all kinds
•  flue gas channels
•  firing chambers
•  flue gas desulphurizing and free from NOx plants
Thermocouple protective sheaths for temperaturemeasurement in molten metals:
•  tin
•  lead
•  zinc
•  aluminium (only applicable with a plasma coating)

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