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This material, named "SILLIMANTIN", is a kind of porous aluminosilicate material. Because of its structural characteristics, even if sintered at high temperature, it still has porous structure.


SILLIMANTIN material is mainly used for kiln building and roller in roller kiln. The working temperature is 1100 °C- 1300 °C, which is an ideal substitute for other materials.


The typical features of aluminosilicate materials are:
•  Excellent high temperature performance
•  Good thermal shock resistance
•  Low and stable thermal expansion
•  Hard material, with excellent wear resistance and chemical erosion resistance
•  Complicated shapes are possible


Typical applications are:
•  Heat Insulation components
•  Support plate for silicon wafer cutting
•  Furnace fittings for glass packaging
•  Welding burner
•  Kiln furniture
•  Kiln structure components

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